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At Home & Then some!
Ivory and Baby LJ
Above: Ivory with "Baby LJ"

grand hotel garden
Above: Ivory at Grand Hotel in her home
state of Michigan. This is the location of the motion
picture "Somewhere in Time" where Elise and
Richard embraced in the garden

rolling pin Ivory
Above: Ivory at her Folks
home in Michigan! Yes she can bake!!
Just beware of the rolling pin!
5 months!
Ivory 5 months!
4 years old!
Ivory 4 years!
6 years old!
Ivory 6 years!
Ivory and Dad's Bear!
Above: Ivory at Parents home in Michigan
getting the best of her Dad's prized catch!

Below: Ivory's pride and joy, "LJ"
Ivory and LJ

Below: Ivory helping her Dad in the wood pile in Michigan. Count the Splinters!
Ivory in wood pile with Dad

Below: Ivory just "chillin'!"
chillin' Ivory
More Pictures Coming Soon!
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